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The dangers of Head Lice Nits  
If you or a family member has lice, then you need to know that getting rid of the lice nits needs to be the number one priority. Lice nits are the eggs that the lice lay, and they attach themselves to the base of the hair shaft. Removing lice nits requires a lot of time and patience.

Why it is important to remove lice nits

If you read the fine print on most over-the-counter lice treatments, you will see that the recommend manual removal of the lice nits is more important than the shampoo or other treatments. Why? Because most of the treatments that you will buy only target the adult lice. So if the lice nits remain, they will start to hatch and grow into adult lice that will in turn lay more eggs – repeating the cycle over and over again.
Even if you have a way to kill the eggs, it only takes one that isn’t dead to start the process all over again.

Lice Nits and your child’s school

Another important reason to make sure that you have removed all of the lice nits from your child is that he or she may not be allowed to return to school until this happens. Since children are the most susceptible to lice, many schools will have periodic lice checks to check for adult lice and lice nits. If your child has been infected with lice or lice nits, they may need a doctor’s note or a re-inspection in order to go back to class. This is because the lice nits will be assumed to be alive in order to protect the other students from becoming infected.

How to get rid of Lice Nits

Getting rid of lice nits requires a certain amount of patience and attention to detail. Otherwise, you could end up missing one or more of the lice nits and run the risk of becoming re-infected.

The first step to removing lice nits is to kill off their source – the adult lice. There are several brands of lice shampoo that you can buy at your local drug store. Some will be designed to help loosen up lice nits. Or, you could consider using an oily product (olive oil works well) to help loosen the lice nits and make them easier to remove.

To remove lice nits, you will need a special lice nit comb. A metal-toothed lice nit comb will work best, since the close-set tines will crush or remove the lice nits.

Take the hair, and using some hair clips divide it into sections. Comb out each section carefully, removing all lice nits and adult lice that you find. Repeat with each section until you have gone over the whole head. The removed lice nits should be placed into a container filled with alcohol and discarded. You will need to continue to repeat this process on a daily basis for two weeks to ensure that all lice nits have been removed. If after this time you continue to see adult lice or lice nits, you may need to repeat the lice killing treatment or choose a different course of action.
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