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Lice combs: does plastic or metal work better?  
If you have ever had a case of head lice, or known someone who has, then you know how important it is to remove all of the lice and nits. To do this, a lice comb can be a very effective tool – more important even than the lice shampoo and other treatments that you might try. Finding the right lice comb can be confusing, since there are both plastic and metal lice combs available on the market. So which is best?

The difference between lice combs

Generally, you can find two different styles of lice combs on the market – plastic ones and metal ones. You will often receive a plastic lice comb in the box of lice treatment that you purchase over the counter. Plastic lice combs tend to have wider spaced teeth. This makes them less painful to comb through the hair than metal lice combs. However, this also means that plastic lice combs are less effective at actually removing nits. Instead, plastic lice combs should be used to untangle and part hair into sections before you use a metal lice comb to remove the nits.
Metal lice combs have stiffer tines and narrower slots than plastic lice combs. This makes them very uncomfortable to use for detangling purposes, but very effective at removing nits. The stiff times on metal lice combs will remove or crush nits, making them very effective as part of your lice treatment process.

Finding metal lice combs

Metal lice combs used to be very difficult to find, but now you can usually purchase them from your local drug store. If you are having a problem finding metal lice combs, you should be able to purchase them online. If you don’t want to wait for the metal lice comb to be delivered, you may have some success purchasing a metal flea comb from your local pet store and use it to the nits.

Choosing the right lice combs

Since plastic lice combs are generally best for parting and untangling hair, it doesn’t really matter which one you decide to go with. Most people find that the one included with their lice shampoo does an effective job.

For metal lice combs, you will want to consider the length of the hair. Long tined lice combs work best on long hair, while short tined lice combs work best on both.

Other things you will need

In order to do effective nit removal, you will need more than just lice combs. You will need a bright light source that allows you to see the eggs fully so that you know where to use the lice comb. Direct sunlight or an adjustable desk lamp works well for this purpose. You might also consider magnifying glasses to make the nits easier to see. Other people swear by coating the hair with olive oil or vinegar to make the nits easier to remove.

If you are out shopping for lice combs, consider picking up both a plastic and a metal one so that you can do a thorough lice removal job.
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