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Important Lice Removal steps for your home  
You’ve sent your child off to school, knowing he or she would bring home homework and art projects and spelling lists. What you weren’t expecting was for him or her to come home with a case of head lice.

At this point, what’s done is done, and there is no sense stressing yourself (or your child) out about it. Instead, it is time to move on to lice removal. Thorough lice removal will help keep the lice from spreading to other family members and help ease the discomfort of the person suffering from lice. You need to be exceptionally thorough with your lice removal process; otherwise, the lice will continue to reappear.
Tips for lice removal

Before you get started on your lice removal project, there is some important information that you need to know to make it easier.

First, heat will kill lice. Thus, part of your lice removal process will involve washing clothing, linens, towels, etc., in hot water. Follow by drying the items in a hot dryer for at least 20 minutes. For clothing items that cannot be washed in hot water, take them to the dry cleaners for thorough lice removal.

If you have personal items that cannot be washed, like pillows or your child’s favorite stuffed animals, put them in a plastic bag, seal tightly, and store for two weeks. If there are any adult lice and/or nits on the object, they will starve and die off, making the lice removal complete.

For lice removal on carpets and upholstery, vacuum everything thoroughly. This includes household furniture and car seats. Lice sprays can be used for lice removal, but should only be used on furniture, not on people.

Lice removal for people

Besides treating the environment, you will also need to practice lice removal on the person who is infected with lice. Start the lice removal process by shampooing with baby shampoo or Prell to remove conditioners. Towel dry the hair – you want hair to be slightly damp when you start the lice removal process.

Next, you will want to apply a lice removal shampoo. The shampoo will contain pesticides that will kill off the adult lice, so be careful to only use the product according to the directions.

The last portion of the lice removal process is to remove the nits. A lice comb can make the process easier, but it will still take a lot of time and effort to finish off this part of the lice removal process. However, this step is the most important one. Failure to remove the nits can allow new lice to hatch, and then you will be stuck repeating the lice removal process over again.

To follow up on your lice removal, you will want to check hair daily for two weeks for new nits and/or adult lice. This will help to ensure that the lice have been effectively removed. Some lice removal shampoos recommend a second shampooing once the two week period has passed, but you should never use the product more frequently than package directions recommend.
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