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Mayonnaise Lice Treatment  
If you are looking for a way to avoid the harsh chemical treatments and naturally treat your head lice problem, then a mayonnaise lice treatment may be the answer for you. The mayonnaise lice treatment works by smothering the adult lice so that they die, and by loosening the nits to make them easier to remove.

What you need for a mayonnaise lice treatment

If you would like to conduct a mayonnaise lice treatment at home, you will need to gather a few supplies:
  • A large jar of “real” mayonnaise – do not use “light” mayonnaise or Miracle Whip, as these will not have the same effect. If the hair is very long or very thick, you might need more than one jar – you will need enough to totally saturate the hair.
  • A plastic shower cap
  • Towel to wrap the head in
  • A good quality shampoo
  • Nit comb
  • Magnifying glass (magnified reading glasses also work very well)
  • Brightly lit room or area outside
How to conduct a mayonnaise lice treatment

In order to undergo a mayonnaise lice treatment, you have to be prepared to get a little messy. Have the patient sit down and then apply mayonnaise to the hair, massaging into the scalp. You will need to apply enough mayonnaise to thoroughly saturate the hair, so use the mayo liberally. Once the mayonnaise lice treatment has been applied, cover with the shower cap and wrap the head in a towel. Leave on overnight.

In the morning, remove the towel and shower cap. Be forewarned – the mayonnaise may have become unpleasant overnight. Using the comb, you will need to comb out the mayonnaise lice treatment from the hair into a bowl to be discarded. Shampoo any remaining mayonnaise lice treatment from the hair; it may take multiple shampooing to remove it all. Afterwards, thoroughly dry the hair.

The next step of the mayonnaise lice treatment is the nit picking stage. With any luck, the majority of the lice and nits were removed with the mayonnaise lice treatment. However, thorough nit picking is still required. Sit in the brightly lit room (or outdoors), and using the magnifying glass and nit comb, go through the hair thoroughly section by section. After each combing, wipe or rinse the comb to remove any nits or lice that it picked up.

You should repeat the mayonnaise lice treatment nightly for three to four days to make sure that all the lice were killed. Nit picking should continue for two weeks. After that time, if lice are seen, another mayonnaise lice treatment will need to be done.

After the mayonnaise lice treatment

Once the mayonnaise lice treatment has been performed on the first day, you will want to take steps to clean the environment as well. Make sure that all personal items such as clothing, bedding, and linens are washed in hot water and dried thoroughly. Vacuum carpets and furniture. Any items that cannot be cleaned should be sealed in plastic bags for two weeks to kill off any remaining lice and eggs.
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