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Olive Oil Lice Treatment  
If you are looking for a natural way to get rid of head lice without the use of harsh chemicals, olive oil may be what you are looking for. An olive oil lice treatment coats the hair, smothering the lice and making it easier to remove the nits. While it can be a bit messy, it is safer and less expensive than chemical treatments. Here is how you do an olive oil lice treatment.

What you need to get started

To get started with an olive oil lice treatment, you will need olive oil, of course. You will also need plastic wrap, a plastic shower cap, towel, nit comb, towel, and a large bowl. It is also recommended to have an activity for your child, like a special video to watch or book to read, to help keep them entertained during the olive oil lice treatment.
What to do
  1. First, you will want to make sure that you child understands what is occurring. Some parents describe an olive oil lice treatment as a fancy beauty treatment for their glamorous princess, or as an ooey-gooey way to kill the big bad bugs.
  2. Find a place where it is acceptable to create a mess, and wrap a towel around your child’s shoulders
  3. Obviously, for an olive oil lice treatment, you will need olive oil – and a lot of it. Apply it liberally to the hair until the hair and scalp are completely saturated.
  4. Pile the hair on top of the head, and wrap it in plastic wrap so that no strands are exposed. Cover with a shower cap, and wrap the towel around the head tightly.
  5. The olive oil lice treatment will need to stay on overnight, so take precautions to protect the bed and pillow.
  6. In the morning, it will be time to remove the olive oil lice treatment. Find a place where making a mess doesn’t matter, place the towel back around the child’s shoulders, and remove the shower cap and plastic wrap.
  7. Next, you will need to comb the olive oil lice treatment out of the hair. Have a bowl ready to catch the goop, and go over the entire head combing a section at a time. Remove as much of the olive oil lice treatment as you can, as well as any nits and lice that you see.
  8. Using a gentle shampoo, wash out the olive oil lice treatment. You may have to wash several times to get out all of the oil as needed.
  9. Repeat the olive oil lice treatment as needed until all lice and nits are gone.
Other things to consider about an olive oil lice treatment

While an olive oil lice treatment is the easiest to wash out, it is also one of the messier natural treatments to apply. You can use petroleum jelly or real mayonnaise to do the same procedure; however, petroleum jelly is hard to wash out and mayonnaise becomes unappealing when left on overnight.
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