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Origin of Head Lice  
If you have dealt with the itchy, scratchy problem of head lice, you might wonder where the little bugs came from in the first place. However, the origin of head lice is particularly simple.

The origin of Head Lice as a species

What is the origin of head lice as a species? Scientists think that the head lice we suffer from today probably co-evolved with people. Many primates also harbor lice, which are often specific to a certain species. Other animals may also carry lice, though these are not hazardous to people at all. Likewise, human head lice will only feed on human hosts and not animals.

How prevalent are Head Lice?

Of course, if your child comes down with head lice, you might want to know not only what the origin of the head lice was, but how many other people are dealing with the same problem. However, it is difficult to determine how many people actually have a head lice problem, and the actual numbers may be lower than what people believe.

The origin of head lice epidemics may be from misidentification (head lice eggs and dandruff can appear very similar). Increases in the number of head lice during a certain time of year may be due to the way that schools and other organizations screen for head lice. Many people believe that there has been an increase in the number of head lice; however, the origin of these higher head lice numbers may be due to the fact that people are more comfortable discussing the problem.

What is the origin of the Head Lice on my child?

Many parents wonder what the origin of head lice that their children suffer from may be, but currently it is impossible to figure out from whom your child caught the head lice. In general, the origin of head lice is from another infested person, but often the source of the original infestation is impossible to find. Instead of worrying about the origin of head lice, parents should spend their time and energy on delousing their child and home. In order to eliminate the origin of head lice at school, many schools will send infested children home until they have been successfully treated. However, at this point in time, the child could have potentially infested the entire classroom, so this method may not be necessary.

Donít be the origin of Head Lice

If you find out that your child has head lice, you will want to do treatment right away. That will prevent your child from being the origin of head lice for someone else. You will want to start a treatment that kills the adult head lice and remove the eggs, which can be the origin of new head lice infestations. Do not forget to treat the environment as well, as both nits and adult lice can survive for short periods of time on clothing, combs, mattresses, pillows, etc. These items should be washed, vacuumed, or sealed away to make sure that you do not have a new origin of head lice lurking in your home.
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