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Home Remedies for Lice  
Head lice are a pain, and getting rid of them an even bigger one. Indeed, you can go to the local drug store and buy any number of lice shampoos and treatments. However, many people are a bit hesitant to start pouring toxic chemicals on their heads and bodies, and others are too embarrassed to go to the doctor. Plus, some lice are becoming resistant to over-the-counter remedies, making them more difficult to treat.

Another option is to look into home remedies for lice. Home remedies utilize natural products – many of which you may already have laying around the house. Here are some ideas of home remedies for lice that you can try to use to get rid of your lice problem.
Home remedies for head lice

Head lice are by far the most common type of lice plaguing people, so there are numerous home remedies for head lice that you can try. No matter what treatment you use, there is one home remedy for head lice that you cannot ignore – you MUST nitpick afterwards. Failure to remove all the lice and nits from the hair will cause any home remedies for lice to fail.
  • Rub rosemary oil on the scalp and through the hair – the oil repels and kills lice and nits
  • Saturate the hair with olive oil, cover, and leave on for a minimum of 8 hours. The oil smoothers the lice and nits and makes them easier to remove.
  • Mix oil and vinegar in equal parts and saturate the hair. The oil smoothers the lice, while the vinegar loosens the glue that holds the nits to the hair shaft.
  • Coat the hair with petroleum jelly, cover, and leave on for a minimum of 8 hours. Wash out. The petroleum jelly smoothers the lice and nits.
  • Mix a glass of lemon juice with a teaspoon of ginger. Apply to dry hair and massage in, cover, and leave on for at least 8 hours. Wash out and comb hair to remove any remaining nits.
  • Melt margarine, cool, and use it to saturate the hair. Comb to remove nits and wash thoroughly.
  • Smear fish oil on the scalp, rub, wait 8 hours, and wash out.
  • Cover the entire head in full fat regular mayonnaise, wrap in plastic wrap for at least 8 hours, and shampoo out. Comb to remove remaining nits.
  • Mix tea tree oil with a small amount of shampoo; use to wash hair on a regular basis. Comb to remove nits.
Home remedies for body lice

Unlike head lice, body lice are often a sign of a failure to bathe frequently. Many home remedies for body lice include a good bathing. The environment, including the home, car, clothing, and linens, should be washed in hot water or vacuumed thoroughly to remove any lice and eggs. For the itching caused by body lice, you can try cold soaks, oatmeal baths, calamine lotion, and over the counter allergy and pain relievers.
  • Bathe thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Apply an anti-louse cream to the entire body. If you do not want to use a chemical preparation, try adding tea tree or eucalyptus oil to a plain base oil (like olive oil or grape seed oil) and using that.
  • Put on fresh, clean clothing
Home remedies for pubic lice

Like the other treatments for lice, home remedies for pubic lice include treating the environment. This means washing clothing and bedding in hot water and drying thoroughly to remove any pubic lice. Sexual contact should be avoided until the home remedies for pubic lice have been completed.

Manual removal is one of the few home remedies for pubic lice. Like other forms of parasitic lice, pubic lice make their home in the hair of the pubic region. While shaving alone will not always get rid of pubic lice, it can make manual removal easier since there are fewer places for the lice to hide. Manual nit picking is a must to ensure the removal of all pubic lice and nits.

Over-the-counter “home” remedies for lice

While not an all natural remedy, many drug stores do carry over-the-counter products that allow you treat lice problems at home. The majority of these include an insecticidal shampoo that is applied to the infected area, allowed to soak in, and washed away. The home remedy for lice is then followed up with manual nit picking.

If you decide to go this route as one of your home remedies for lice, be sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. The pesticides in these products can be toxic when used improperly, and overuse will not solve the problem. If the lice are still around after the treatment course is finished, they may be resistant and another remedy may be the permanent solution.
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